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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now awaiting for my rilakkuma passport case to arrival! yeah~ bought from Gmarket days ago,
and its from korea!! woohoo~ i guess i be receiving in about 2wks time! Yesterday took off
and accompany my mom watch Already Famous with god mom, sisters and Johnathan. My third time repeating watching the same movie! HAHA! we all had plan for mom's birthday next Wednesday!! All share to buy her a GUESS bag and also for the bday cake and food will be me and god mommy sharing luh.. i think total spending about $300+ bah ^^

Yesterday arh i bought the same shoe again at bugis village and guess what?! that girl gave me one pair of different size de shoe luh, so cute huh!? And i thought it was always right one what.. luckily my lovely god mom help me bring back and change today. so touch sia! She's always so good one can? Will be going to Batam for the next 2weeks with god mom and jing yee for a day tour! And i be staying over night at their house lah.. dont know i can sleep mah... hope i wont miss my bed. hehe~ alright, yu qing confirm ask me about the batam trip again..haha!
yu qing, if you are reading my blog.. please dont kill me cuz we sure will plan soon but after CNY.. i'll check with xinhui okie..

just now at woodlands interchange when waiting for bus 903.. guess who i saw? Hui ling lehz..
wanted to talk to her but she was on a phone call = . = and again like she so pai sei to look at me.. faintz! why is she like that one huh? LOL!

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